Fence Solutions on a Budget

So you blew all your savings on that new roof…didn’t you?  Well, having a structurally sound roof is extremely important but it is no secret that a new roof can really eat into your savings.  And wouldn’t you know it, summertime is just around the corner and soon everyone will be outside.  Nobody likes looking at an old, run down fence.  And one might be hesitant to replace an entire fence.  The costs can mimic that of a new roof.  Don’t worry, you have options.

Whether you have a simple chain link fence, or an extravagant custom built wooden fence, there is an affordable way to repair that fence.  Often, a single section of the fence can be replaced, saving you thousands of dollars by not having to replace the whole thing.  Many people think that they need to replace the entire fence.  This is simply not the case anymore.  There are many fence companies that specialize in repairing fences rather than replacing them.  In some instances, however, a complete fence replacement is the answer.

There are affordable options for complete fence replacement as well.  Chain link fence is often the most affordable of all fences and even that comes in many styles and colors.  You will surely be able to find something that meets your demands.  Chain link fence installation is also very quick.  The fence is simply rolled out to meet the dimensions of your yard and then attached to metal posts that have been placed in the ground.

Another inexpensive option for a new fence is vinyl fencing.  Vinyl fencing is made, in many cases, to appear like a wooden fence.  Sometimes they are so convincing that only an up-close inspection will reveal that they are actually vinyl and not real wood.  Vinyl fencing also comes in many styles and colors.  Vinyl fence installation is also quick and rather painless.  The fencing comes in sections and can quickly be attached to vinyl poles installed in the ground.  One can install a large amount of vinyl fencing in a single afternoon

So as you see, there is no reason to go another summer with an ugly fence guarding your property.  Call a local fence company and see if they can come out and give you a free estimate.  They will also be able to recommend a fence that will work properly with your property and one that meets your every desire.  Look on Google to find a reputable fence contractor in your area.  Or ask around.  Often word of mouth is the best way to find a reputable fence repair company.  Good luck.

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What are the benefits of having a Metal Roofing?

Most people get confused when choosing the type of roof for their new home. Metal roofing is one of the roofs that you may consider due to its qualities and benefits. Homeowners in areas that are prone to heavy rainfall can consider the different metal roofing materials because of the following benefits:

  • Easy and Speedy Installation

When replacing your old roof, you want the installation of the new roof to be done as fast as possible so that you can proceed with other activities. You also don’t want any damages by adverse weather conditions as a result of delayed roof installation. The installation of metal roofing materials is usually easier and quick because of the sections and multi-shingles.

  • Service Life

Metal roofing materials can last forty to seventy years. For all this period of time, a metal roof will be shedding snow quite easily, withstanding high winds, and sealing out water. Metal roofs do not crack or corrode, and may also resist impact. Metal roofs are also a great option to have installed on your garage. You can really cut down on garage door repair expenses with a metal roof.  Unlike other roofing materials, metal roofing doesn’t need to be periodically maintained. Inspection is, however, important to ensure everything is okay.

  • Energy Efficiency

Metals roofs usually reflect the radiant heat from the sun thus keeping your home cool. Metal roofing materials can actually reduce cooling costs by about 15 percent. Although this roofing has a low R-value, most metal roof systems have a dead air space which allow for insulation.

  • Fire Resistance

Metal roofing is one of the most effective fire resistant roofing available considering the fact that metal is not combustible.

  • Light Weight. Unlike tile roofing materials, metal roofs are lightweight
  • Beautiful styles that can match the neighborhood or any home.

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Hiring a Roofing Company

The roof on your home is one of the things that most homeowners invest in once or twice in a lifetime. Finding a reputable roofing contractor can be difficult especially for people with little experience and knowledge in roofing materials. Most people have been victims of scams and con men who are hired as professionals but never deliver. It is therefore important to take enough time doing research before hiring a roofing contractor.

Here are some guidelines you can follow when hiring a roofing contractor in your local area.

  • Contractor experience

One of the most important questions to ask yourself is; how long has the contractor been in the roofing industry? This doesn’t disqualify any new roofing contractor, however. The only way you can be sure of quality work is when working with an experienced contractor. While a new contractor may not deliver substandard work longevity in the roofing business can guarantee quality.

  • Proof of Certification and Insurance

A roofing contractor needs to have a certificate of registration as well as a commercial liability insurance. By having insurance, the contractor covers or protects the clients from anything that might happen during the project.

  • References and Reviews

If possible, request the roofing contractor to provide you with a list of his last five clients. You can then go ahead and talk to them. If possible, visit them and look at the quality of the work. Reviews are also a great way to find out the reputation of a roofing contractor. Visit the company’s website and look at what other clients have said about their service.

  • Ask for specification sheets

Let the roofing contractor provide you with copies of specification sheets from the manufacturer and look at the installation methods, types of materials that are compatible with the roofing product.

  • Does the contractor have any Memberships and affiliations?

A contractor that is a member of trade and professional associations is more likely to deliver quality work. This is very important since it indicates the contractor’s commitment to the needs of clients.

  • Is there any work that will be done by subcontractors?

You need to ask of the contractor is going to do all the work by himself or is planning to hire a subcontractor. In the event that a subcontractor is involved, either in part or in the whole project, ask for references, certification, contact information, and proof of insurance. Ask for enough details about every company that will be used in the project.

  • Scope of Work

It is a good idea to hire a contractor who has a wide range of roof-related options. Find out the company’s scope of work.

  • Employee knowledge and training

The fact is that you want high quality service for your project. Employee training, experience, and knowledge is directly related to the work they will deliver. Find out how the contractor trains its staff. Proper training is also important to reducing the risk of injury and ensuring safety.

Before hiring a roofing contractor, be sure all your questions are answered and you are satisfied. A good roofing contractor will be happy to respond to your questions.

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